The International Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination sets out the human rights standards for the following POLICY countries:

    Bangladesh     Benin     Botswanna
    Burkina Faso     Cambodia     Cameroon
    Cape Verde     China     Cote d'Ivoire
    Egypt     El Salvador     Ethiopia
    Gambia     Ghana     Guatemala
    Guinea-Bissau     Haiti     Honduras
    India     Jamaica     Jordan
    Lesotho     Madagascar     Malawi
    Mali     Mexico     Mozambique
    Namibia     Nepal     Nigeria
    Peru     Philippines     Romania
    Russia     South Africa     Swaziland
    Tanzania     Turkey     Uganda
    Vietnam     Zambia     Zimbabwe

The Right to education is explained in paragraph: (5(e)(v), 7)
The Right to equal protection of the law is explained in paragraph: (5(a))
The Right to highest attainable standard of physical and mental health is explained in paragraph: (5(e)(iv))
The Right to housing is explained in paragraph: (5(e)(iii))
The Right to just and favorable work conditions is explained in paragraph: (5(e)(i))
The Right to liberty and security of the person is explained in paragraph: (5(b))
The Right to marry and found a family is explained in paragraph: (5(d)(iv))
The Right to non-discrimination on grounds of race and ethnicity is explained in paragraph: (1, 2, 3)

What are General Comments?

In several international human rights treaties, an Article listing a human right also includes a link to a "General Comment" or "General Recommendation." General Comments are authoratative interpretations of human rights and explain countries' obligations to protect these rights. General Comments are instructive to advocates and policymakers because the Comments guide countries in their protection of certain human rights. General Comments are issued by the United Nations commissions that review countries' human rights treaty compliance. When a country reports on its implementation of a human rights treaty, the country must evauate its progress according to the standards specified in the General Comments.